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What a brand is:
"A claim of distinction." A brand's distinction separates it from its competitors and makes it stand out as extraordinary.

When you communicate a unique quality or distinction, you are claiming an offer of value that other brands do not have. Your brand must deliver on this promise. Delivering on your claim of distinction is essential in order to develop brand loyalty, brand recommendations and referrals.

Why brand?

Your brand is a strategic weapon in today's "scanning" culture. A brand that is properly cultivated and believed will rest in the subconscious of your prospects and customers, positioning your brand at the top of your target's "must use" list.

Brand Value:
The value of your brand lies in its recognized and believed identity. A strong brand telegraphs what you are and what you represent. It communicates a set of unique promises. Your brand has real, measurable and tangible financial value. A powerful brand will accomplish the following:

Differentiation – a clearly defined and trustworthy reason to choose your services that
simultaneously promises the satisfaction of your prospect's wants and needs.

Value – or the perception of value –as evidenced by higher quality, greater reliability and a higher return on investment. Image, reputation, status or a "feel good" quality can also be important components in value.

Loyalty – as evidenced by the reoccurring stream of profit generated from repeat and referred sales. This lowers the cost of attracting new prospects and helps create barriers to market entry by competitors.

Ego – brand development helps employees maintain a sense of pride in the organization and assists your efforts to attract good talent. People want to work for and be associated with strong brands.

There is a measurable relationship between a brand's level of public awareness and market share.
Through our “InFocus” branding process we get to know where your company is and where you want it to be. We take the time to find out what it is that makes your company unique and build upon those features to help your company grow into a market leader with a clearly defined brand.
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